8 Tooth 32 Pitch Hardened Steel Pinion Gear for R2 Transmissions




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1x RC4WD 8 Tooth 32P Hardened Steel Pinion Gears for R2 transmissions

Heat treated hardened steel
Engineered & Manufactured by RC4WD
Bore Size: 3.1mm
Total Length: 10mm
OD: 0.31in / 8mm

What’s Included:
1x RC4WD steel 8 tooth 32 pitch pinion gear for R2 transmission
1x set screw

What is heat treatment?

Heat treatment is a technique for metals and alloys to “toughen”. The metal is transformed from brittle martensite into bainite or ferrite. Precise control of time and temperature during the tempering (heat treatment) process are critical to achieve a metal with well balanced mechanical properties.

Works on Gelande 2 Truck Kit D90 / Cruiser
This is the version specific for the R2 transmissions


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