Bateria Lipo 7.4V 4000mAh 30C DEANS


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Bateria Lipo 7.4V 4000mAh 30C DEANS

Team Corally – Power Racing 30C 4000 mAh 7,4V Competition Li-Po Battery Pack
Stick Hardcase 12Awg Wire T-Plug Connector

Not all drivers are looking for the highest performace batteries, but still they want a high quality performing battery for bashing around with a long lifespan. The Team Corally Power Racing 30C battery is surely what you are looking for. The ideal battery for the serious hobby driver with a wopping 30C discharge rate. All this with the Team Corally guarantee of high quality cells and this at a more then affordable price.

Tech Specs:
Type of case: Round Hard Case
Voltage (V): 7,4V
Max charge C rate: 3C
Balance connector: JST XH connector
Wire Size (AWG): 12 AWG
Capacity (mAh): 4000 mAh
Battery Configuration: 2S
Cont. C Rate: 30C
Burst C rate: 50C
Length (mm): 138 mm
Height (mm): 24,8 mm
Width (mm): 46 mm
Weight (g): 215 gr
Type of connector: T-Plug


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