Pit Bull 1.9 Braven Berserker Scale R/C Tires Alien Kompound with Foam (2)


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Pit Bull 1.9 Braven Berserker Scale R/C Tires Alien Kompound with Foam (2)
NEW TIRE DESIGN!!! PB9017AK – BRAVEN BERSERKER 4.35X1.45-1.9 SCALE RC / ALIEN KOMPOUND / w/Foam – 2 tires & 2Foams per pack.

Pit Bull RC is proud to announce our Alien Kompound 1.9 Braven Berserker tires. Recon G6 Certified!

The Berserker tread pattern is a throwback to the classic four lug design of the 70’s and 80’s with new features that bring the performance into the modern era.

Based off the 1:1 Berserker tire the R/C version provides the same great features:
– Staggered tread pattern
– step downs
– fine detail
– generous siping
– lightning bolt sipes on the center lugs for unbeatable traction in any terrain and in the deepest of muddy ruts
– Outer shoulder lugs are staggered for extra bite when the going gets rough.
– scale rim guards into the bead seat of the tires just like the 1:1 version.
– Patent Pending

Take your 1.9 rig’s performance to the next level with Pit Bull R/C ‘s Scale Braven Berserker tires!
Alien Kompound™- Super Sticky – “Stickier than Alien Snot!” – great wet or dry. These suckers will hold on in off-camber situations.
This tire is a GameChanger #GameOver. Don’t believe us…really…don’t. Wait until someone else is running them and you will see for yourself.

Foam color in pics may differ from actual included with product.

1.9″ Rim – 48mm
1.45″ OW* – 37mm
4.35″ OD* – 110mm
*Dimensions may vary depending on mounted rim used