Scale Rear Hubs V2



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Scale Rear Hubs V2
These are CNC Machined and custom coated rear Hubs for most Trucks.
They are designed to look like a rear Hub on most Trucks but serve as a nut as well.
The version 2 have a lock Nut inside the Hub.

CNC Machined
Billet Aluminum
Easy Installation
Inserted M4 Nylon Insert Locknut
OD: 0.35in / 9mm
Height: 0.39in / 10mm
Weight: 0.07oz / 2g

Shown with Wheels and Tires Mounted for detail only. (Not Included)

What’s Included:
2x Scale Rear Hubs V2

Required Parts:
Scale Rear Hub Installation Tool (Z-S0176)


This product is designed for 1.9 size Wheels, it will work with other size as well.
This product also serves as Wheel Nuts
Keep in mind each Wheel and Truck can have different length stub Axles. So you need to be careful installing this items for the first time.


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