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Mtroniks tio Rock-C
With the crawling section now forming a large part of the RC community, Mtroniks listened to the publics demand for a dedicated crawler controller that was designed for the hard knocks and extreme conditions that this section of hobbyists often participate in, we developed…… the tio ROCK-C.

The Rock-C speed controller has been designed around an intelligent bridge switching processor, this allows far greater control of the motor in drive and braking modes, resulting in much better, perfect low speed control and fully symmetrical performance with no delay in forwards or reverse.
The Rock-C has a high power 5volt/ 5Amp BEC that’s perfect for super high-torque servos. It’s extreme power drag brakes provide monster holding power and are unbeatable for controlled downhill descents.
The Rock-C also includes, built in Li-Po cut off protection, this monitors the battery packs voltage, and prevents them from dropping below safe levels.
The Rock-C can be programmed to run on NiCAD/NiMH cells or Li-Po cells with one easy press of a button. Another feature of the Rock-C are its two different running modes. Crawler mode has monster drag brakes and a smoother throttle profile to give even finer control across the throttle range. The second mode gives linear throttle and standard brakes.
Add the already legendary 100% waterproof design and the Rock-C is definitely a serious contender for any crawling competition!

Technical Specification
Product Type: Speed Controller Only
Direction: Forwards/Reverse
Drag Break: Yes
Motor Type: Brushed
Motor Limit: 35T
Battery Type: NiCAD/NiMH/Lipo
Lipo safe: Yes
Operating Voltage: Maximum 12.0 Volts
Set up: Digital 1-touch
BEC: 5.0A
Motor Short circuit protection: Yes
Thermal overload protection: Yes
Failsafe: Built in
Dimensions: L39.0mm x W34.0mm x H13.0mm
Weight: 55.0g


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